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Jul '10

Rained Out

The horse riding got cancelled due to rain last night and swollen rivers, but we spent the day around the hotel. Dave did some snorkeling off our beach and videoed a guy fishing/spearing for octopi. We also were able to go back downtown for another trip to the market and found a few more treasures after a few melt downs from Faith over not being able to get toys she wanted. On our way back to the hotel we stopped off at a taqueria for some tacos and brought them back with us. They were really good.

We are hoping to try the horseback riding tomorrow if it doesn’t rain tonight.

After a pricing mishap and Dave spending $21 at our hotel for something that costs about $5 back home, I think he might have learned a bit of a lesson…ask the price before making the sale! Needless to say, he returned it after quite a bit of huffing and puffing about it. Live and learn! Youtube shot

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1 Comment » to “Rained Out”

  1. Grandma Says:

    I’m so excited you are having so much fun. Looks great. Love the horse trip photos and can’t wait to see the jungle ones. Take a lot, with birds/animals/”Alice in Wonderland” type plants/flowers – can’t wait until tomorrow to see them. You guys look like a world traveling family – you should go to Spain and Italy, one day!!
    LOVE YOU!!!

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