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Jul '10

Last Full Day In P.V Mexico

We went on a jungle bus tour today which took us back to the old pueblo area for some shopping and then up into the rainforest. We took some great pictures of a waterfall, and a fishing village. We then took a tour of a small, family owned tequila factory. For lunch, they drove us to a quaint restaurant, built into the granite cliff alongside a river where we got to watch a “cliff” diver dive from some rocks into the river. After lunch, Faith and Dave swam in the river and Dave slid down a waterslide into a lower pool where the diver was.

We came back through the town again and swam for a bit before dinner. After dinner we took a walk to the marina and then walked the marina watching out for crocodiles while hunting geckos. With dad’s help, Faith actually caught one and had a melt down when we told her she had to let it go again. On our way back, we told her if she wanted to try to catch one, she would have to catch it on her own. Our little huntress actually caught one by the tail and found out that reptiles lose their tails when they get scared as a defense mechanism. Giggling about how tiny and wiggly the tail was, we came back to the room and went to bed.

We will be home about 7 tomorrow night.

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1 Comment » to “Last Full Day In P.V Mexico”

  1. Grandma Roberta Says:

    Hi Faith and David and Tami, looks like you had a wonderful trip together down in Mexico. How great to experience the adventures of traveling. David, you’ve done a great job on your blog. your dad is encouraging me to learn how do to one, but I’m clueless and getting frustrated. So many photos to share and can’t figure how to put text on the page to go with the photos. willing to try, but need some help. where did you learn how to put this together. Willing, just not able.
    really enjoyed visiting yours. Your dad has become a fishing fool! It’s 9pm and he’s down there again trying for more. It stays light till after midnight, so looks like 5 pm almost all night. the fish he’s caught so far are HUGE! You can count on getting some when we come back thru Livermore. We replaced the rv dining table with a FREEZER to bring it all home in. Now THAT’S a serious fisherman. Table out, freezer in. ok, bye for now. Love you guys, Roberta

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