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Fire & Emergency services

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This is for the firefighting community and to all the firefighter that are put in harms way every day, All the DOD firefighters that are serving overseas. Take care and be safe.


About The Site


This site is for all firefighters and family member or someone that has an interest in the fire service. I have placed a live Audio Feed from Mt. Diablo Cam The forum page is up and running. This is a place to post and view photos.

Firefighting News

USMC 234th Birthday Tribute!

NOAA Fire Weather. Local Weather at Mt. Diablo Cam

Photo & Slideshows Audio Streams

Here are some Photos, Slideshow and Audio Streams. Click on the link above.

Audio Streams are brought to you by MattLogic at Mattlogic.com and Mt. Diablo Cam at http://www.mtdiablocam.com both sites have alot of information on Cal Fire, live scanner feeds and local weather patterns for San Francisco Bay Area.


Alameda County Fire Dispatchhttp://www.mattlogic.com

Cal Firehttp://www.mtdiablocam.com/fire.htm/